The prestigious MEDITERRANEAN PEARL 2020 (WU19) tournament was held in Turkey, 2-11 March 2020.
The competition included 6 national teams, divided into two groups.
After the draw, in group "A", were placed the teams of Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria. All players born after 2001 including.
In group “B” were placed the teams of Slovakia, Northern Ireland and Belarus.
The tournament regulations provided were in the group stage the teams to play in the system one-to-one. Then the winners of the two groups playing for the first place, the second placed teams in the group to play for 3-4 places and the third ranked teams in the groups to play for 5-6 places.
The matches were held in the resort villages of Alanya and Side, respectively on the football fields of the Gold City Sport Complex and Starlight Sport Complex.

In Group A, on first place finished the team of Hungary, which was an indisputable leader in the group with wins over the teams of Romania and Bulgaria.
In Group B, Slovakia finished on the first place, after beating the Belarus with score 3:1 and a draw 2:2 with Northern Ireland.
Thus, the teams of Hungary and Slovakia faced each other on the final. The match were quite dramatically due to the fact that the Hungarians twice led in the result, but the Slovakian team managed to even out. So the regular time ended with score 2:2. During the extra time, the team of Slovakia managed to score a goal and congratulated themselves with the title of the tournament, finl score 3:2.
In the match for the 3rd place, the winner was the team of Romania, which won against the team of Belarus with 1:0.
For the 5th place the victory smiled to Bulgaria, which team won against the team of Northern Ireland with 6:5, after a penalty shootouts, (0-0) in regular time and overtime.
The tournament goalkeeper prize was won by Hungary's No. 11 Dorottiya Czeller, who scored 4 goals.
The best goalkeeper also became the representative of Hungary, her name is Anna Terestyenyi.
Romania's Madalina Tatar was selected as the best midfielder of the tournament.
The Best Defender award went to Slovakia champions in the face of Nikol Mazukhova.

VIDEO: Slovakia with the Cup - МEDITERRANIEN PEARL



Penalties of Bulgaria - Northern Ireland 6:5 (0:0)

Slovakia with the Cup - МEDITERRANIEN PEARL