7 national teams took part in the 2nd Edition of the TURKISH WOMEN'S CUP 2020 tournament, from 2nd March to 11th March 2020 in Alanya, Turkey.
The teams confirmed participation were Chile, Romania, Hungary, Hong Kong, Venezuela, Northern Ireland B Team, Kenya and Ghana
Unfortunately, due to the case with the coronavirus health and security measures, the Venezuelan team had to cancel their participation in the last minute.
In Group A were the teams of Hungary, Romania and Hong Kong
In Group B were the teams of Chile, Ghana, Kenya and Northern Ireland B Team

All games were played in the resort villages of Alanya and Side, respectively on the grounds of the Gold City Sport Complex and Starlight Sport Complex.
Great facilities and accommodation of the participants were provided by the Gold City, Starlight and Numa Bay hotels.
In Group A matches, Romania won against Hong Kong with score 4:1 and Hungary overtook the Asians 4:0. Thus, for the first place in the group went the teams of Romania and Hungary. The game between the two European teams began well for Romania, who led the outcome. But after the break a “rain of goals” poured into their door, with the Hungarians scoring 7 goals. The final score was 7:1 and Hungarian team congratulate themselves on the first place in their group.

Highlights: Romania vs Hungary 1-7

Reka Szocs goalkeeper was logically chosen as the best goalkeeper in the group.
The prize for the best defender went to the Romanian number 5, Teodora Meluta.
Hungary's number 12, Andrea Herczeg was named the best midfielder.
The Group “A” top scorer also became the representative of Hungary, the footballer playing with number 6, Evelin Fenyvesi, with 3 goals in the tournament.

In Group B, were obtained the following scores:
In the first game, the favorites Chile and Ghana met, when Chile won with the classic score 3:0.


Kenya outplayed Northern Ireland 2:0.
There were no surprises in the group's second matches as well, when Chile won the game against Kenya with score 5:0.
The Chile match was watched live by more than 70,000 Facebook viewers and was broadcasted on Evima’s Sport website.
Ghana did not let the surprise and won against Northern Ireland with score 4:0.
In the third group matches, Chile recorded another win, this time over Northern Ireland B Team with score 5:0.
Ghana beaten Kenya 3:1 in the battle for second place in the group.
Thus, Chile won all three games with a goal difference of 13:0 and unquestionably took the first place in their group.
Ghana's team remained second with two wins, one loss and goal difference of 7:4.
Kenya finished third and Northern Ireland finished fourth.

In the individual awards in Group “B, the prize for the best goalkeeper went to Christiane Endler from Chile with no goal in the three matches of the race. Endler became No. 1 Goalkeeper for 2019 in FIFA's Top Ranking Women Goalkeeprs. And since 2017, she been protecting the colors of Paris Saint-Germain.
Janet Egyir, Ghana's player No. 4, was named the best defender of the tournament.
Kenya's player No. 4, Cheria Anbiba was awarded as best midfielder.
The Chilean player Karen Ponce, scored 4 goals and was awarded as top scorer in the group.
Due to the cancelation of the participation of Venezuela’s team in the last minute, the tournament organizer Evima Football had to urgently arrange 3 friendly matches: for each of the teams participating in the tournament in order to keep the number of matches scheduled, as follows:
04.03. Hungary WNT vs WFC BIIK-Shymkent (Kazakhstan)
07.03. Romania WNT vs Belarus WNT
10.03. Hong Kong WNT vs WFC BIIK-Shymkent (Kazakhstan)
Evima Football sincerely thanks to the management of the Football Federation of Belarus and the management of WFC BIIK-Shymkent (Kazakhstan) for their timely reaction and for having responded to the invitation to play these matches.


Highlights: CHILE vs GHANA 3:0 FT



Turkish Women's Cup 2020 (Official Aftermovie)