The team of Montana finish with 1:1 with the 5th of second league of the championship of Kazakhstan Akzhayk (Ural). Both teams made a strong game and after last year again made here 2: 2, this time also ended with draw.
In front of the Mayor of Montana Zlatko Zhivkov, who had especially came to inspect the team. The alumni of Ferrari Spasov started harder, but attack sharply felt the lack of Miroslav Antonov and Alexander Kirov, who missed the match. In the final minute of the first half after hooked on Abdulrahmanov head, Valyulin opened the scoring.
At the break Ferrari Spasov and Michael Madan made 7 changes, but this was good for the game of the Bulgarian team in the 58th minute new signing Borislav Baldzhiyski a shot off the left leg level the score.
Both teams are in the same hotel together with Botev (Plovdiv).