Invitation Evima Cup Bansko 2017 - Spring Edition

Invitation Evima Cup Bansko 2017 - Spring Edition

To Academy Director


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,


We send you this letter as organizer of the second for this year edition of Evima Cup Bansko 2017.

The tournament will be held from 12.04.-16.04.2017 in the resort of Bansko.

Accommodation will be in 3* and 4* hotels in Bansko; food will be on buffet.

Financial terms are as follows:

  • The package price for accommodation and food per person, member of the delegation (players, coaches, administrators, medical staff etc.) is as follows:

- 120 EUR FB

  • The tournament fee is 60 EUR per team.
  • Each age profits one free place for a coach.

The matches will take place on three fields with natural grass and dimensions 68 х 105 m.

We are proud to announce that each year the tournament is growing and it manages to attract more and more famous teams as participants. Teams as Nottingham Forest, Steaua Bucharest, Crvena Zvezda, Vardar Skopje, Radnicki Niş, CSKA-Sofia, Lokomotiv Sofia and many others from Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Russia and Bulgaria were part of the tournament.

We send you attached more details about the event. We will be glad if you also join our next football competition!


Best regards,


Evgeni Marinov

FIFA match agent

Regulations Evima Cup Bansko 2017 - Spring Edition

Regulations Evima Cup Bansko 2017 - Spring Edition


Of The International Youth Football Tournament



1. Objectives

1.1. The International youth football tournament EVIMA CUP 2017 (henceforth the Tournament) aims at developing and making popular the mass football. The goals of the Tournament are:

A) To develop the FIFA and UEFA Grassroots programs.

B) To develop and promote mass football for children and teenagers in Bulgaria.

C) To increase the level of mastership of the young football players.

D) Increase the prestige of children and youth football in media.

E)To build partnership between the football clubs, academies and National Associations of different countries in the field of children and youth football.


2. Organization and implementation

2.1. Organizer of the tournaments is „Evima Football Consulting” Ltd., and all commercial audiovisual rights that have arisen in connection with the Tournament, belong to „Evima Football Consulting” Ltd.

2.2. The general organization of the Tournament is carried out by „Evima Football Consulting” Ltd.

2.3. The Tournament is carried out by „Evima Football Consulting” Ltd. in the person of the FIFA match agent Evgeni Marinov.

2.4. „Evima Football Consulting” Ltd. performs:

-            Circulation of information materials and an invitation letter to children teams from sport schools and academies in Bulgaria and abroad.

-            Preparation, harmonization and approval of the current Regulations.

-            Confirmation of the participants list in the tournament.

-            Conducting the lot

-            Organizing the refereeing, providing the main referee of the tournament, a list of the referees and the assistant referees.

-            Validation of the games results and the results of each tournament in the series.

-            Awarding the winning teams and the individual awardees.

-            Conducting events for promoting children football.

-            Other powers in correspondence with the current Regulation.

-            Cooperation with the Bulgarian Football Union as well as with other national associations.

-            Organizing accommodation incl. food for the participants, the members of the Organizing committee, the referees and the guests of the tournament.

-            Cooperation with the local and law enforcement authorities at the place where the tournament is carried out.

-            Organizing the transportation for the period of the tournament.

-            Organizing the shuttles at arrival and departure of the participating teams.

-            Providing the medical services incl. medical doctor and an ambulance for the period of the tournament games.

-            Providing the technical servicing of the sports facilities used throughout the tournament with the necessary equipment.

-            Supplying water for the participants of the tournament and the referees’ team for the time of the games.

-            Tickets provision (in case the participating teams has sent a request and an individual contract is signed)

-            Harmonizing and endorsing the current Regulations

-            Operational cooperation of the organization events in connection with the tournament.

-            Funding the refereeing of the games.

-            Funding the awards and the souvenirs for the participants.

-            Organizing the news coverage of the tournament.

-            Issuing of advertising and information materials.


3. Location and duration

3.1. The Tournament will take place on the football pitches in Bansko resort, Bulgaria

3.2. It is scheduled for the time between April 12th  – April 16th 2017 (12.04.17 – arrival date; 16.04.2017 departure date):

3.3. The team can confirm its participation in the Tournament through an official letter on behalf of the club/school to the e-mail address: The letter must contain the following information: full official name of the team, phone/fax, e-mail address of the club/school, a guarantee from the club/school management; full name, position, contact information of the people in charge.


4. Participants

4.1. The teams will receive permit to participate in the Tournament sessions based on their application.

4.2. The Tournament will be held in 6  age groups. The teams from the following age groups are allowed to participate:

4.2.1. Teams of players born in 2004 and younger;

4.2.2. Teams of players born in 2005 and younger;

4.2.3. Teams of players born in 2007 and younger;

4.2.4. Teams of players born in 2008 and younger;

4.2.5. Teams of players born in 2009 and younger;

4.3. The final list of the participants in the Tournament will be specified after the application campaign ends. The application deadline is 01st April 2017  

4.4. Each team is allowed to register as participants not more than 24 football players. All participating in the tournament players can be listed in the match report.

4.5. The managers of the clubs, teams, delegations, as well as the coaches and football players taking part in the Tournament must observe the current Regulations showing a high level of discipline, respect towards the organizers, the rival teams, the referees’ panel and the spectators according to the rules of «Fair play».


5. Competition terms

5.1. The games of the Tournament series will observe the «Rules of the game», defined by the International Football Associations’ Federation (FIFA) and the current Regulations.

5.2. The competition system in each group will be determined after the application campaign ends.

5.3. The following set of rules is recommended:

Scheme No 1


Age of the participants


Duration of the game



Field size,


Door size,


Ball size,

N, weight

(in grams)

2004 2 х 25' + 7' break (10+1) х (10+1) Standard Standard № 5 (max. 450 grams)
2005 2 х 25' + 7' break (8+1) х (8+1) 50 x 70 m 2 х 5 m. № 5 (max. 450 grams)
2007 2 х 20' + 5' break (6+1) х (6+1) 40 x 60 m 2 х 5 m. № 4 (max. 350 grams)
2008 2 х 20' + 5' break (4+1) х (4+1) 20 x 40 m 2 х 3 m. № 4 (max. 350 grams)
2009 2 х 20' + 5' break (4+1) х (4+1) 20 x 40 m 2 х 3 m. № 4 (max. 350 grams)


Scheme No 2

Age of the participants Penalties Offside Referees Number Substitutions Cards
2004 11 meters Defined 3 With reverse substitutions Kicked out without the right of substitution
2005 9 meters Defined 2 With reverse substitutions Kicked out without the right of substitution
2007 7 meters Not defined 2 With reverse substitutions, “flying Kicked out with the right of substitution
2008 5 meters Not defined 2 With reverse substitutions, “flying Kicked out with the right of substitution
2009 5 meters Not defined 2 With reverse substitutions, “flying Kicked out with the right of substitution

5.4. The teams are ranked according to the amount of points gathered at all stages. The system for scoring is: 3 points for a win, 1 point for a draw, 0 points for a loss. At the eliminating stage, a series of five 11 and 9-meter penalty shoot-outs will be performed (until the first miss) in order to determine the winner in a case of a draw within the regular time of the game.

5.4.1. If two or more teams gather equal amount of points, the places will be determined:

-       acct the greatest number of wins in all games of the group;

-       acct the result from a game ranked downgrade а) number of points; b) number of wins; c) the difference between the goals scored and missed;

-       acct the best goal difference in all games in the group;

-       acct the greatest number of goals scored in all games in the group;

-       acct the smallest  number of missed goals in all games in the group;

-       acct  the smallest number of fouling scores, accumulated for violating the Rules of the game (yellow card -1 point, red card - 5 points) in all games in the group;

-       if two teams have equal points, the winner will be designated in a special series of penalty kicks (3 penalties, then - until the first miss).

-       if quarterfinal, semifinal and final matches finish with draw in regular time the winner will be determined with a series of five penalty kicks in each goal. In case of a new draw one penalty kick will be performed from each opponent until the first miss.

5.5. Violation of the rules: the cautions (yellow cards), received during the course of the Tournament are summed up. A player with 3 yellow cards misses one game. A player, kicked off for two warnings or sent off has the right to participate in the next game of his team unless he gross violates the Rules of the game; in this case the Main referee of the Tournament will take a decision.

5.6. If a player is not listed acct the rules, disqualified or not listed in the match report, his team will be given a loss with the score of 0-3 for rules breach. If a team has listed a player older than the required age, the team will be taken out of the Tournament and all its scores will be annulled.

5.7. The official representatives of the participating teams must, 10 minutes prior to the game, fill in the names of the players with the corresponding numbers of their sport suit in the report. The host team fills in first the application form.

5.8. In accordance with the FIFA recommendations all players are obliged to play with shin guards.

5.9. During all stages of the Tournament, regulated herein, the participating teams must have two different colors sport suits. If two teams have suits in the same color, the guest team is obliged to change its suit.


6.    Refereeing

6.1. Referees will observe the Rules of the game and the requirements of the current Regulations in their work.

6.2. Organizing committee determines the list of the referees for each game.

6.3. The main referee of the game is forbidden to start the game in the case of absence of a medical person at the stadium.

6.4. The main referee of the game must determine the color of the suits prior to the game together with representatives of the participating teams, so that they will be distinguishable from one another. The jerseys and the shorts of both teams must be different in color, and the suit of the referees must be different from these of the playing teams.

6.5. Ten minutes after the game ends, the referee is obliged to fill in the match protocol, sign it in the presence of both teams’ representatives (main coach or assistant).

6.6. The main referee of the game is obliged to fill in the match protocol precisely. He is also obliged to fill in the protocol the cases of cautions, sending-off, traumas and injuries of the football players, who took part in the game and that were confirmed by the medical doctors of the teams, as well as violations of the order at the stadium. Failure to do this, he will be suspended from the tournament.

6.7. In case of having hot weather, the Main referee of the Tournament must give additional breaks (of not more than 2 minutes) in the middle of each halftime so that the players can freshen themselves.

6.8. The order for servicing the games of the sports competitions, given in this regulation is shown in p.5.3., table №1


7.    Responsibility

7.1. The heads of the delegations as well as the coaches and players taking part in the Tournament must observe the current Regulations, showing a high level of discipline, as well as respect towards the organizers, opponents, referees, spectators.

7.2. The heads of the delegations bear full responsibility for the medical state of the participating players in the Tournament, their lives and health from the time of arrival until the time of departure.

7.3. The responsibility for the preparation of the sports facilities for the tournament is born by Evima Football Consulting Ltd., which is obliged to:

- Offer the participants a football pitch which is in accordance with the rules of the game and the requirements of the current Regulations

- Put at disposal of the participants changing rooms and toilets

- Provide  a specially equipped place for the referees supplied with drinking water

- Supply the audio and radio servicing

- Take care together with the local law enforcement authorities of the order and security of the participants, the referees, the spectators.


8. Financial conditions

8.1. In order to develop youth football the respective football organizations send their teams to competitions on their own account. They take the expenses for transportation, food, accommodation and insurance of the football players and official representatives of the delegations

8.2. The package price per person for the whole stay is 120 EUR for players and team officials. Price for accompanying person (parents) is 135 EUR.

8.3. Participation fee is 60 EUR for each team. The fees for second team from the club is 40 EUR and 30 EUR for third and successive team.

The price includes:

-          Accommodation in 3* and 4* stars hotel at FULL BOARD

-          Mineral water during the competitions of the tournament

30% Advance payment within 2 (two) days of signing a contract, the balance payment is due at the day of arrival and hotel check in.

The money should be sent to:

Evima Football ConsultingLtd.,

5300 Gabrovo; 7 Vidima St., apt. 16

Bank: ProCredit Bank (Bulgaria) JSC

Address of the bank: Sofia, 131 Hristo Botev blvd.


IBAN: BG29PRCB92301419580710(EURO)

8.4. A guaranty for participation of the teams which have file application forms  is the contract with (to be sent additionally) «Evima Football Consulting» Ltd.

Contact information: +359879669565, e-mail address:


9. Order for handling the applications

9.1. The official application for participation in the tournament is to be sent to the address: Gabrovo 5300, 1 Raicho Karolev Str., UBB business center, fl.4, office 411, e-mail:

The participants are allowed to the tournament after giving the referees the following documents:

- An application form for participation of the team as per template (the name and the time period of the tournament are filled, the name of the team and of the city, full names of the football player, date of birth, number of the birth certificate, number of the school, visa of the doctor( for each football player, enlisted for participation), signed and stamped by the leader of the club/school/academy/ and the doctors’-physical department.

- The insurance policy for accidents, risks for the life and health of each football player for the whole period of holding the football tournament.

9.2. The leaders of the club/school/academy, as well as the doctors’-physical department bear the responsibility for the authenticity of the information that is given in the application form in accordance with the legislation.

9.3. Allowing the participants-official persons of the team is done after presenting the referees the original of the international passport of each official person of the delegation.

9.4.Not abiding by the above-mentioned rules when filling the documentation for participation leads to suspension of the participating team from the tournament. The decision is made by the referees and the Organizing committee.


10. Awarding ceremony

10.1. The winners, incl. the players with individual prizes will be awarded with cups and medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, the participating teams - with memory prizes.

10.2. The awardees of the Tournament in the categories «Best goalkeeper», «Best defender», «Best midfielder», «Top scorer» will be designated according to the results of a survey amongst the coaches of the participating teams and representatives of the referee panel.


11. Final clauses

11.1. Issues that are not discussed in the current Regulations will be subject to discussion between «Evima Football Consulting» and the Main Referee of the Tournament.

11.2. In order to promote the children football, to increase the level of prestige among the people, a program has been developed for the news coverage of the tournament in the mass media, including an opportunity to watch the games online.

11.3. The information reports, the photo and video materials of the tournament are published on the site of „Evima Football Consulting” Ltd., as well as on the official pages of the company in the social networks.

11.4. The Regulations becomes effective from the moment of its endorsement and must be published on the official site of „Evima Football Consulting” Ltd.







 2004 evima rezultati final

2005 evima rezultati final



2007 evima rezultati final

2008 evima rezultati final

2009 evima rezultati final







Standings / Класиране

Standings / Класиране