Poland made a rolling start in the four countries tournament for women’s national football teams ALANYA GOLDCITY WOMEN’S CUP. The team lead by Milosz Stepinski, which is 31 in the FIFA ranking, outplayed convincingly the young selection of Kosovo in the opening match of the competition. The Polish team was obviously of higher class and the evidences were 5 unreturned scores in the Kosovo’s goal. Agnieszka Winczo scored first in the 7th minute and in 26th minute Katarzyna Daleszczyk doubled the score. The Polish women made several more attacks but they lacked precision in the last pass and a tricky heel shot was cancelled due to off-side. In the second half Poland came out with a whole new team, but it continued to dictate the game. 16 minutes after beginning of the second half Anna Sznyrowska scored for 3:0 and 2 minutes later she scored again to 4:0. In the end of the match, the team of Milosz Stepinski gained a penalty shot and Anna Gawronska turned the penalty shot into a goal for the final 5:0.
The second match of Kosovo is vs Romania on Friday at 16:00h. Poland will play against Romania on Sunday at 17:30h.