The women's national team of Kosovo realized its first two goals in official football match. This happened in the duel with Turkey in the national teams tournament Alanya Goldcity Women's Cup, which ended with a result 4:2 in favor of Turkey. The historic first goal for the Kosovo records was scored by Blerina Musa in 69-th minute. Before that the Turkish team had taken the lead with 2:0. Ebru Topcu scored in the 3-rd minute by a precise free-kick shot which surprised Kosovo's goalkeeper Florentina Kolgeci. Turkey has scored its second goal in 63-rd minute. Melike Pekel found Sevgi Cinar with a good pass,who gained the ball in the penalty area and threw over Kolgeci for the second goal. The most interesting however was still to come. In 69-th minute Musa scored by free kick and threw into ecstasy the bench of Kosovo. Two minutes later the euphoria of the debutants in the global football got total after a second goal by the captain Qendresa Krasniqi for 2:2. Turkey reacted rapidly with a goal for 3:2 after a technical shot by Selen Altunkulak from the corner of the penalty area. In the 77-th minute Altunkulak recorded a goal pass while making a breakthrough from the left and passed excellently parallel to the goal line and Sevgi Cinar shot from close distance for 4:2. In the 83-rd minute the ball flew into Kosovo's goal, but the shot of Busem Seker was not recognized due to off-side. That is how the team lead by Aferdita Fazlija ended its first participation in an official tournament with three losses, but managed to scored historic 2 goals for the women's football of Kosovo. Turkey has one loss and one win and in its last tournament match in Alanya Goldcity Women's Cup will face the team of Poland. The duel is on Tuesday, 07th March at 15:30.